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Central IRBs: Part of the Secret Sauce to Trial Runners’ Study Start-up Success

Posted by Patrick Healy

One of the aspects our teams do really well at Trial Runners is getting a study up and running fast.  We average about 55 days to first patient enrolled after the clinical protocol is finalized.  Executing a successful study start-up quickly is an essential first step in the life cycle of a clinical research trial and lots of credit goes to our...

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The Best Convention Survival Guide: tips from a CRO marketing team.

Posted by Layne Brandvik

In the field of Ophthalmology,  convention season is a huge part of marketing outreach and company networking. If you or a fellow associate attends a lot of conventions for networking, it’s important to be thorough, decisive, and personable. With conventions, those criteria are difficult to maintain with a busy schedule. Trial Runners, the best...

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Essential Project Management Skills

Posted by Melissa Pavlicek

Project Managers play a very important role in a CRO, they are the link in between the CRO, Sites, Sponsors, IRBs, Labs, etc.

As a project management professional, you’re a change agent working with teams that are made up of complex individuals in many different roles. Somehow you’re supposed to be a leader, and know how to read body language,...

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Cultivating a Culture of Leadership

Posted by Rynae Golke

At Trial Runners, we believe that positive sponsor relationships and successful clinical trials begin with a single factor: the right hire. We go to the ends of the earth, literally and almost figuratively, to recruit, select, train, retain, and mentor the right people for each vital role in the company.

Step 1: Recruit the Best

This starts with...

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The power of targeting: Successful Enrollment through Target Audience

Posted by Melissa Pavlicek

We all are aware of the significant negative impact that low patient enrollment can have on studies and clinical trials.  The process of recruiting patients for a clinical trial can be long and tedious and sometimes become a real nightmare. It is really alarming looking at statistics, according to a study by Tufts Center for the Study of Drug...

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