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The technology revolution in clinical research

By Jill Healy

I was the last hold out that I know of with a blackberry, back in the days of the 2000’s it was jokingly called the “crackberry” and all it really did was email and phone call.  But I loved it.

Times have changed, there are still jokes about phone addictions but the phone is so essential that I think most of us see it as a necessity.  In clinical research things don’t change quickly and in the drug development process that is a comfort because it keeps our research practices sounds and our patients most importantly safe.  But why aren’t we jumping on the bandwagon?  Although the idea of teleporting to a faraway galaxy seemed like something more easily used to imagine the ease of seeing someone we cared about or going to an exciting place – but what about teleporting to do conduct a routine study visit?  What a time saver that would be!!

As the last known human to touch a blackberry and the biggest technology phobe at Trial Runners, I have to say I am excited about e based solutions.  In the last 20 years my professional life has had the perks that my personal life was lacking – at work I had a fax machine, a printer, a copier, better internet connection, teleconference access.  But now my personal life has more technology savviness then my professional life.  That means that there is more efficiency in how I order pizza (through an app – way to go Dominos!) then how we get novel drugs that could change lives? 

 eTMF, eSource, eConsent, mobile eTMF.   The answer has to be yes, yes, yes and now, now, now.  I will be researching the hottest technologies over the next 4 months and sharing the highlights and lowlights of this adventure.  Do you have technologies in clinical research that you can’t live without?  Then please share, this retired crackberry head could use all the help they can get!

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